The Wrong Man

A Hitchcock Masterpiece that fell under the radar.


The Wrong Man (1956) Starring Henry Fonda and Vera Miles, is a true story about a man wrongly accused of robbery and assault.  We first see Christopher Emanuel ‘Manny’ Baelstrero and his loving wife, Rose (Vera Miles) and their two boys living in a humble home in Jackson Heights, NY.  It is established that although their family is financially strapped, although Manny does well as a bassist musician in a NYC club; the family struggles to pay their bills and it’s a constant uphill battle.  Rose has trouble with her wisdom teeth, but in order to come up with the $300 dollars they need for the dentist(a lot of money to come up with in those days), Manny decides to get a loan from his wife’s insurance policy.  It’s not very long before we see the tellers at the bank look accusingly at him; believing him to be the holdup man that robbed one of their tellers a few months prior.  From there, Manny’s life goes downhill as he waits to stand trial for crimes that he did not commit.  Things continue to go from bad to worse as he is positively identified by the bank tellers in a lineup that he is the holdup man.  Manny goes through many emotional struggles as well as his family as he fights to prove his innocence.  

The master of suspense does not disappoint in his direction of this motion picture.  Great acting chops from Henry Fonda and Vera Miles in her pre-Psycho days, also from the master of suspense, proving his immense talent in his preception of how things should look, and always managed to have the perfect eye for what will work on the big screen.  Netflix drew this movie to my attention, and I’m glad that it did.  If you are a Hitchcock fan like I am, I recommend this classic to be added to the collection.